The Turquoise Baking Set

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Crafted for real kitchen use, and tested by professional pâtisserie chefs. This 5 piece set includes a spatula, whisk, spoon, rolling pin, and pastry brush. 

  • Food grade silicone, FDA approved, BPA and BPS free.
  • Dishwasher safe, heat & freeze resistance (-4 to 250 Fahrenheit).
  • Ergonomically designed for kids ages 5-11. 

    • Material: Food-grade silicone, stainless steel (whisk only).
    • Tested according to latest FDA regulations.

    The Spatula: A double-edge spatula for all types of bowls and jars.

    The Spoon: Perfect for stirring and the exact amount of 1 tbsp.

    The Rolling Pin: Our super hygienic version of the french rolling pin. Easy to wash, no dry dough will stick to it. Allows a better grip and control while rolling.

    The Pastry Brush: Long bristles for a flexible swift. The bristles won't lose their shape over time.

    The Whisk: A handle that fits the way kids stir a bowl. Allowing them to control their movements.

    Dimensions: The set comes in a 6"x 12"x3" fabric bag.

    Responsibly made in China

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Ayelet Tbeile
    we love the set! Can’t wait to use it more!

    The whisk is so much sturdier than any of the other children’s ones we’ve used! We only used those two pieces so far but very happy

    Chagit Lior
    great set. Perfect for kids

    Thanks for this wonderful set. Our midgets had a great experience making pancakes for dinner. So comfortable and fun to use ..

    Super functional and fun!

    We got the set as a gift for my 3 yo. We love cooking together but don't do it too often (so messy!). We had to try it as soon as we got it and had great time together and very tasty outcome.

    The set is very well thought and designed, this is somethingI highly appreciate. Size is perfect for small less-balanced hands (but also good for me when helping out), the grip is great thanks to lovely texture and shape, and my daughter also mentioned it is very pretty (which surprised me given her young age).

    All in all, I highly recommend! I have my own kitchen set and this was a very different and better for my toddler.

    Chagit Lior
    Great set!

    So happy with my order. A great set, beautifully designed and really comfortable with kids. Our cookie monsters are having a blast! Thanks

    Jamie Bar-Ness
    We love it all!

    Awesome to get something that is contributes to an experience, especially one that keeps giving