My journey began amidst the quiet stir of COVID-19 lockdowns. It was there, in the heart of my home, that I discovered the sheer joy of baking alongside my curious toddlers. But as I searched for the perfect tools for their little hands, I hit a wall—there were no baking utensils out there that truly catered to the unique needs of my mini chefs! I wasn't on the hunt for a gimmicky chef hat; I was on a quest for top-notch, kid-friendly baking sets that would honor my children's petite grips and enthusiastic mixing styles—utensils that would not only withstand the vigor of tiny bakers but also be a breeze to clean and a delight to behold.

So what did I do? I rallied the extraordinary, power-packed, unicorn women in my circle and set out to craft the ultimate baking set ourselves!

My team is brilliantly dusted with flour, from the imaginative product designer to the visionary photographer, all the way to the hands-on production manager in the factory. We are a vibrant tapestry of aunts and moms, kitchen aficionados, and design enthusiasts, all united by our love for creativity and functionality.

We stand for exceptional quality, intuitive ergonomic design, and the beauty of real-life aesthetics (AKA: chaos:)). Our heart swells with the hope that our creations will be a part of your family's treasure trove of memories, making every baking session with your little tough cookies an epic adventure to remember!