How It All Began

How It All Began
Hello! I'm Billie, the proud owner of Tampoco, your go-to shop for high-quality baking utensils designed specifically for kids. Let me share the story of how Tampoco came to be and why I am so passionate about providing your young bakers with the best tools out there.

It all began during the unforgettable days of the COVID lockdowns. Like many, I was thrust into a new routine at home with my son, trying to find ways to keep him engaged and entertained. One day, we wandered into the kitchen—an area I previously had little love for, especially when it came to baking. In fact, I didn't even like baking. But as we began to mix flour and sugar, a fascinating world opened up before us.

Baking turned out to be the perfect activity to do with my toddler. It wasn’t just about making cookies or muffins; it became a wonderful, productive way to teach him various skills. Math, science, design, measuring, and following instructions—baking covered it all! We shared laughs over spilled flour, celebrated our perfectly risen dough, and most importantly, bonded over each step of the process.

However, as we delved deeper into our baking adventures, I noticed a glaring lack of appropriate baking tools for children. Most available products were either too flimsy, poorly designed, or simply didn't respect my son's growing capabilities and need for quality. And thus, the seed for Tampoco was planted.

I dedicated the next two years to researching everything about baking, Montessori methods, and kids' ergonomics. I collaborated with chefs, designers, and moms to create something truly special. Tampoco isn’t just another baking utensil store; it’s a labor of love and dedication aimed at respecting our children’s needs and capabilities.

Our mission at Tampoco is to provide high-quality, long-lasting baking goods that your kids will love and use for years. We believe that children deserve tools that are not only functional and safe but also beautifully designed and responsibly made. Here, you will find baking sets that are colorful, ergonomically designed, and built to withstand the enthusiasm of little hands.

What makes Tampoco truly unique is our unwavering commitment to quality and design. We understand that our tools are not mere toys; they are instruments that will help your children learn valuable life skills while fostering creativity and confidence in the kitchen. Each of our products combines durable materials, vibrant colors, and thoughtful design to create the best children's baking sets on the market today.

At Tampoco, we believe in more than just selling baking utensils. We are nurturing a passion for baking and instilling a lifelong love for learning through this delightful craft. So come, join our journey, and let's make baking a joyous, educational, and unforgettable experience for your little ones!

Thank you for visiting Tampoco!